How I Manifested My Soul Mate: Part 1

Hello Beautiful,

If you have been following me for awhile, you will know my last album was inspired by a deep romance I had with a soul mate. It all ended in tears, however, and it has taken me almost two years to go from the pain of heartbreak to the blossoming of new true love. In case you haven’t had a listen, I have put the album here.

I feel there are many myths out there about romance, and I would like to offer my recent experience to help you if you are looking for Big Love to share with that Special Someone.

Here is a list of things that got me in the groove:


A marvelous healer offered to do a 15 minute remote healing session on me. I felt the good intention and went for it.

The wave of unconditional love that enveloped me was like a refreshing breath of oxygen. I suddenly remembered that I could allow this kind of love into my energetic field.

While it took me a few days of feeling tired to integrate this vibration, this healing session awakened my heart.

If you are stuck in a feeling of loneliness, heart-ache, or negative thinking about romance, please don’t hesitate to call in the support of healers and those who can offer you love in a non-intimate manner.

Recreate Romantic Adventure.

While living in the US this past winter, I couldn’t stop pining for my old love. I would replay our adventures over and over in my head.

I had so many intensely beautiful memories with my old lover that I failed to see that I was not just in love with him, I was in love with the earth.

The French countryside is a place that awakens and astonishes my senses with its fragrant flowers, perfumed parks, and dreamy light-scapes.

I missed the sense of adventure I got walking with him through ancient roman trails under dew-drenched trees.

So, once I returned to France, I started recreating that kind of situation. I began by asking a friend to take me on a little safari. We spent two days tromping around through the tall spring grass on a rare orchid hunt.

Now, these little flowers are absolutely incredible. They look exactly like dozens of little fairy people suspended from a green stem. I kid you not.

There are little purple ladies in extravagant dresses, there are little white angels with big petaled wings, and there are polka dotted men with really tiny penises. I kid you not!!! Here is an example of one, although usually they are more proportionate :)  You can see his smiley face under his cap!

DCF 1.0

You can’t witness these plants and not believe in magic.

My senses, my heart, my entire being began to relax into the splendor of the natural world. Being in love doesn’t necessarily mean being with a mate. We can find other ways to access that same vibration.

If you are pining after someone, I encourage you to recreate the situations to the best of your ability. If you miss their family, then be brave and plan a visit! If you miss that time you went camping, then invite a friend and go reclaim that special place in your heart. If you miss their cooking, try out recipes that approach their style.

The truth is, the romance we feel with someone special is often actually a celebration of common pleasure gleaned from shared experience.

Love Yourself.

Another key for me was getting into a state of love and acceptance of myself. Of course it is trite, but I wrote this the other week:

I really get it now. I have to be 100 percent me, so my new friends and romance and success can find me. If I am camouflaged, aspiring to be someone else, they won’t recognize me. Just think of that incredibly attractive, marvelous person wandering right by, because you took too much time to dress sensibly instead of wearing what brings you joy, too much time to say the polite thing instead of what is hilarious to you, too much effort to change your smell with chemicals instead of letting the pheramones do their good work.

Whatever I am, it is inexplicable and undefinable, and I have to be That. I can’t even afford to pine after the lives of my favorite singers. I have to ask my body, my intellect, my heart, “What is my joy path today?” and do that. That’s all. Just be me. I get it.

So if you can stop judging yourself and start appreciating your own particular quirks and strengths, giving yourself the benefit of the doubt and indulging yourself when you can, you are much more likely to attract someone who will do the same.

Really, how else will they be happy with you unless you are happy with you? They can only love you as much as you show them you can accept their love.

So set the intention to fall in love with yourself As You Are. Tune out the people in your life who want you to change.

Inversely, ramp up the volume on the ones who are delighted when you are just being your relaxed self.

Stay tuned.

So, my lovelies, those are three ways I was able to get into a better state of allowing the next great love of my life.

I actually had so much to say on this topic that I will be sharing more tips in my next blog. The next post will have a greater spiritual slant, because my experience of getting into the vortex on romance was more a dance with the divine than a dating process.

If you want to be sure to get the next post, just add your email address to the “follow” box at the top right of this page and you will get it delivered to your email inbox fresh off the press.

 Alas, I wish I could spill all the beans about my handsome new mate, but he would rather stay out of the public eye. You don’t have to know all the details, you just need to know that there is Great Love Here for You, if you are ready to receive.


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