2/27 Harrisonburg, VA @ Little Grill Collective 8pm – $5

3/6 Charlottesville, VA @ Owl Sounds Gathering (contact for details)

3/14 Charlottesville, VA @ The Garage w/Matt Hectorne

3/20 Harrisonburg, VA @ Ice House Studios – $15 Donation

4/16 Charlottesville, VA @ Old Cabell Hall for UVA World Voice Day 2pm

4/25 Washington, DC @ Kingmand Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival

5/23 + 5/24 Thomas, WV @ The Purple Fiddle 3-5pm for ArtSpring Festival

Follow your favorite musicians on BandsInTown.com and never miss a live show in your area!



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  1. Just Purchased “Surprise” and I rarely buy any music but I could not resist this one. Also I gave you your first review on Amazon for this cd.

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